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Updated: Fall 2017 Important Dates and Deadlines  (posted 08/10/2017)

Tuition Payment Deadlines - August 15, 2017
Payment must be made by the deadline or your course(s) may dropped by the university.

February 2018 Texas Bar Exam Filing Deadline – August 30, 2017. Application: (https://ble.texas.gov/information-and-applications); Application Fee $300. Late filing deadline is October 30, 2017 with a $150 late fee.

December 2017 Graduation Application Filing Deadline - Regular Filing Period (April 7, 2017 - September 29, 2017; $25 Application fee); Late Filing Period (September 30, 2017 - October 27, 2017; $50 filing fee). You apply online through your MyUH account.

Withdrawing from all courses - If you are Withdrawing for the semester (dropping all courses; no longer enrolled for the semester), please refer to the withdrawal schedule at http://www.uh.edu/financial/payment/refunds/. You'll need to officially withdraw for the semester prior to the first day of class (August 21, 2017) to get a full refund.

Last day to add a course(s)/credit for the Fall is: September 5, 2017.
Everything that you plan to receive credit for the Fall semester must be on your schedule by the add deadline. This includes competition credit, journal credit, clinic/externships, etc. NO Exceptions!!! No credit (retro or current) can be added after this date.

Last day to drop a course(s), for a refund and no grade: September 8, 2017. This is the last day that you can drop a course(s) without a “W” and receive a refund. No refund issued for drops after this day!

Last Day to drop a course: October 31, 2017. Last day to drop a course for the semester; must pick up Drop form in Student Services,instructor's signature required. No refund, a grade of "W" is posted.

Exam Conflict Deadline- October 27, 2017. A conflict is two exams on the same day or an evening exam (starting at 6pm) and a morning exam (starting at 9am) the next day. Exams for non-law courses are not covered under our exam policy.

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